How to get the best development team at the lowest cost

We tell you how to do double each year without having twice the cost.

We give you the example of one of our Clients in which today he has 18 of his 33 people working remotely with Dividato who have a considerable contribution to the day by day of the company. In this post we want to show you that this means, for our client, a significant cost reduction in many ways and that also gives you the opportunity to find the right talent and build a better team. The combination of both is a long-term competitive advantage that you can also access.

The cost of office space

The cost of office space Remote work has certain indisputable benefits for both the employee and the company. Today I want to focus on some benefits for those who outsource their development resources. Our Client, for example, has about half of its employees working remotely from Dividato. Let's make some numbers:

  • Imagine that we paid $ 3000 dollars of rent to make room for the 15 people who come to the office today (something normal for companies located in large cities such as Bogotá, Mexico City, Lima, etc.).
  • Also imagine that among other costs (Light, Water, Internet, Coffee / Drinks / Food, etc.) our client invests another $ 2000 dollars per month.
  • Finally add the monthly cost of transportation that your team has. Although it is not always a benefit, it is in itself a reduction of the worker's income. This cost should be about $ 40 per month per person. For our client's case, about $ 300 per month.

That means:

The hidden cost of hiring people near your office

In the big cities like Bogotá, Mexico City, Lima, etc. the cost of living is higher. In addition, there are many companies "fighting" for good talent so naturally the salaries or prices of employees are higher than average. The hiring of remote people frees us from the unnecessary chains of hiring people 10 kilometers away and gives us access to a lot more talent.

The 18 people that our client has remote in Dividato live in the City of Córdoba, Argentina where the cost of living is lower and where the exchange situation of the country allows us to provide adequate and qualified resources to our client, to ensure delivery of quality services and products.

According to research by The Atlantic, large cities have higher average salaries. List reasons such as cost of living, education / skills or talent competition. But even removing the effect of these the salary tends to be higher. That's why if we take that the wages in cities of more than 5 million inhabitants is 30% higher than in those that we can not calculate for our Client:

  • 18 people in our client work remotely with Dividato from the City of Córdoba.
  • If we assume an average salary of $ 2000 dollars. We are not using our data for privacy reasons.
  • Then we would be saving approximately $ 600 per person hired outside of large cities.


Accessing the best talent: speed and practicality in hiring

Today we can work with remote people as effectively as if they were in the office. It takes little time to learn how to do it, and once we achieve it we are a better company. Not only because we know how to work with remote people, but because we are more orderly.

Once we accept that it is possible to work with people without having them next, an invisible barrier is broken. Before we could only hire people who lived near our office, now that limit is almost unrecognizable. In our Client the person who lives furthest from the office is 6,774.58 km from Mexico City. And it is a resource hired with outsourcing modality through Dividato. He is a Front-End web developer who is living in the City of Córdoba employed by Dividato to work in the development team of our client.

With tools like Jira, Slack, Asana, Gmail, Hangouts / Zoom, etc., we can work with great ease, coordinate tasks and feel very close. It was in this way that our client found people who today are irreplaceable for the team, with enormous talent and that today their opportunities are expanded thanks to technology.

What are you waiting for to give your company more chances of success?

Arming effective remote equipment through Dividato is a competitive advantage that is now available to any large company or SMEs.

Using the example of our client I was able to show them that for him it means a saving of $ 975 dollars per person per month. Something very impressive. Imagine what it could mean for your business! :O

In summary…
  • You can build a remote team with the best talent through Dividato.
  • You will have the opportunity to save on fixed office costs by hiring remote people.

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